Truff Michelada

This was such a fun take on a traditional Michelada! If you haven’t tried Truff yet, you have got to check it out!! I had so much fun making this!! 

Truff Michelada 
– 1 corona 
– Truff Hot Sauce
– Clamato 
– Maggi seasoning 
– Worcestershire sauce 
– 1/2 of lime 

1. Rim glass with lime and Tajin. Add ice 
2. Pour Clamato about 1/2 way 
3. Add a couple drops of Worcestershire 
4. A couple drops of Maggi seasoning 
5. Add your desired about of Truff Hot Sauce 
6. Top with Corona 
7. Stir until all ingredients are smooth
8. Garnish with a lime and enjoy! 

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